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Taleyn Feldane

A Lady's work is never done!

27 September
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Taleyn is the youngest child and only daughter of Duke Basil Dare Feldane and Duchess Irene Feldane. Due to Irene's stern and unrelenting campaign to Make Something of her daughter, Taleyn has spent most of her life being convent-schooled in Law, Music, Diplomacy, Finance, History, Dance, and all the Noble Arts. She is now a young woman, seeing Amber for essentially the first time. Chafing at her mother's rigid expectations, she is determined to experience something of Life on her own terms... but, er, not publicly, lest she incur Duchess Feldane's terrifying wrath! If only the members of other Houses-- and their secrets-- weren't so *alluring*...!
amber history, black road research, dancing, house feldane, learning, lute, making new friends, music, road to amber, secrets, singing, stories