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Taleyn remains in constant contact with Robert while the others go about their business of sliding through worm goo and the like. She doesn't seem very talkative.

Robert is not especially talkative either. Something about blood loss and having used most of his willpower to get rid of spirits. Still, his wife is paying attention to him now. Things are looking up.

In which digging up the past only yields more questionsCollapse )

Digging in the Dirt, Part 1

--[ Empty Garden ]------------------------------------------[ Amber City ]----
Beyond the large iron gates and inside the gray stone wall, touched in
places with pale green moss, is the front garden. In any other
location the garden might be considered serene. The grasses are all
kept neatly trimmed, the walks are all lined with stones along flowing
and graceful lines. Throughout the expanse of the garden fountains
burble as the spill their water over artful forms to collect in basins
small pools that irrigate the flowerbeds. The famed gardeners of
Feldane have been at work here, cultivating exotic blooms and even
arranging so a small gazebo in the back corner allows for climbing
vines to curl around it. For all the beauty and thought placed in the
gardens, there is still a sinister element in the air that fights
against the desired serenity.

Iron gates lead out to the south, and huge double doors to the north
lead into the manor house.

Once again, Cymnea's Watch is the scene of much excitement. At least this time the landlord seems to have been informed, and the residents conveniently put up in various inns for the night. The party is able to be as noisy as they wish-- within the limits of the Gulls' tolerance, anyway!

Digging ends in blood and a small earthquakeCollapse )
Why indeed? Here's a synopsis of events that led to this wacky course of action.

A synopsis for the involved and the unwaryCollapse )

More Bad Ideas Involving Tir

It is here, upon the highest crop of Kolvir, that there are three
steps fashioned roughly out of stone. When moonlight touches them, the
outline of an entire staircase, the analog to the eastern Great Stair
into Amber City, takes shape, spanning the great gulf to that point
above the sea where the ghost city in the sky shimmers opaquely.

From the peak, you can see the city spread out to the south, but
you'll have to take the trail down to the south. If you're inclined to
rough it, the rest of the Dragonspine Mountains extend to the north,
and rough paths lead north across the ridgeline. Last, on certain
nights when the moon is clear and bright in the sky, the three steps
lead to that place called Tir-na Nog'th.
Part one, Ghosts A-Go-Go!Collapse )

More battles!!!

Taleyn has assembled a small team of volunteers, once more to explore the war scenario which haunts her dreams. However, when they arrive, there seems to be something of a hickup that Taleyn and her command Lieutenant are discussing, "...can't go any closer without running into an alternate timeline, and..." Taleyn is nodding and making notes.

Jaymesin arrives on the scene quietly, as he frequently does. Without a herald or a fanfare or even a particularly loud step, he's not there one minute and arriving the next. He's good like that.

Aio drifts in, looking distracted at best, absent at worst. She pauses as she takes in the words and tilts her head to listen.

Taleyn sees her team arrive, then breaks off to brief them. "Scenario's a bit more different than I had in mind. Instead of having to navigate a sea of humanity to rescue the crew of the downed ornithopter, it seems the inhabitants of the city are biomechanical horrors. You may choose to withdraw if you don't like the odds."

A heroic rescue nearly goes awry!Collapse )
And then it's time, and he's on one of the ornithingies. He might not be able to fly them - yet - but he loves the view. "Alpha wolf ready."

Taleyn calls back, "Mission control copies. You're a go, Alpha Wolf."

Aio, Cyndre, Jaymesin, Lorana, Taleyn, and Taran kick some butt in a military engagement in an desert city.Collapse )


Black Hawk NOT Down?

This is a desert world, hot sands, dry and sparse vegetation, with a city made of adobe huts and concrete-looking flat-topped structures. It's hot here, with twin suns beating down. Light cloth wrapped in layers is the dress of the area, it seems.

Aio, Cyndre, Jaymesin, Lorana, Taleyn, and Taran prepare for a military engagement in an desert city.Collapse )



Tallyplayer will be at a convention all weekend. Sorry I've been scarce this week-- I've been in an insane-yet-completely-underproductive tizzy of preparation. Hopefully I will be back to whatever passes for "normal" on Monday, July 12.


"Go now. Read about the Kitegeld, and why one does not pay it."

Because Tally loves history and so does her player, here are some treasures she has extorted from the past. Aaaaaaaaaand the internet!

Some notes on Kite-geld, or Dane-geld IRL, referenced by Benedict in the Throne Room, the day after the coup attemptCollapse )

Feldanes and Watchmen VS. ZOMBIES!!!!!

To: Basil
Subject: Note to Basil from Taleyn
Dear Father-- Only just back from Kitezh on Crown business, heard rumors of ZOMBIES IN THE STREETS! Nipping out to Smite them. Bringing Cousin Yami along. Back soon!-- Love, Tally

Below the cut, Taleyn buttonholes Yami, and the pair go to Black Gulls HQ to tell Niklas their cunning plan! Niklas joins the fun, along with Dirk.Collapse )